The outdoor training on a sailing boat is definitely a fun and effective way to do training or reward in an unique way your team. It is also an extraordinary metaphor of corporate life, as it is done in a confined space, requires good skills of adaptation and self-control, planning of route and strategy, facing unexpected events and coordination within the team regarding roles during the navigation. Learning new skills is significantly accelerated compared to traditional classroom training and it is particularly appropriate for the development of skills like leadership, communication, team building and teamwork.

Our suggestion requires an initial analysis of the specific needs of the group to focus on particular aspects of the training:

  • Individual coaching for managers
  • Work-groups to improve insertion of neo-workers within existent teams and team-work in general
  • Intervention on leadership skills

The topic is faced with initial classroom discussions regarding theoretical aspects of the topic and then developed with exercises and activities on the boat while receiving, directly from the skipper, the basics of sailing.

Aspects such as the establishment of the group, orientation and development are reflected in typical operations of preparation to navigation, ranging from the choice and definition of shifts and the rotation of roles, coexistence, to procurement, to the control of materials, to weather until ' armament of the boat.

Consolidation, personal and common objectives can be inferred from simulations of emergency at sea; knowledge of their roles and mutual expectations are highlighted by exercises performed using maneuvers; aspects of cooperation and management of the boat focus the importance of the sense of belonging, of shared language and leadership, including the continuing volatility of the situation.

The Problem Solving are designed to involve all the roles assigned to participants who periodically should exchange roles, to share information and experiences, learning from their mistakes and those of others.

In this program it is expected that after every Problem Solving, the various groups or subgroups take some time to do briefings and analyze the way in which they have worked, with the aim of taking the rules and tips of the sailing in the working environment of the company

The service requires personalization and a sailing experience with option of one-day or weekend cruises.